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Forget the fact that Xanadu Marketing focuses on just about any vertical you can think of: e-commerce, auto, legal, credit repair, business, finance…. But real estate? That’s a big one, for one reason: rent-to-own leads. Arguably our biggest set of records for lead buying and selling on the market, and you won’t find the comprehensive quality list anywhere else. RTO leads are aplenty here, with real-time exclusive at a max 75 cents per lead, 14-day-old RTO leads at just 20 cents per, 30-day-old shared leads at just 1 cent per and 1.2MM new records each month – and a startling 800K leads a month via our mega-feed. It goes to show just how much rent-to-own is trending in real estate. Xanadu Marketing has the prospects. Contact them right now!


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