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Learn the below!
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Ads
Google Search
Paid Search
Google Maps
Search Engine Optimization
Organic YouTube
YouTube Ads
Email Marketing
Text Message Marketing
And over 40 other subjects!
Our seminars and webinars are 6-9pm EST on Thursdays. If you are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, please register today!

If you are across the country, register for the webinar today!


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If You Have a Business, You Need To Learn Social Media

Facebook is the new place to advertise. If you have a business and you're not advertising on Facebook, you're doing it wrong! Matterhorn Marketing will teach you everything you need to know about social media marketing. Great seminars! RSVP today!
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Awesome Experience

Perfect seminars! Great experience overall and would be happy to use again!
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Quality points at every seminar

MM and Joe are phenomenal resources for any small business owner learning to navigate how to optimize their digital presences. I can not recommend the seminars enough as the knowledge base and breadth of topics covered are second-to-none. Be sure to RSVP today!


Matterhorn Marketing’s seminars on digital marketing have done wonders for my small business! The seminars are informative, practical, and immediately implementable. If you want to go from novice to master in the digital marketing world - Matterhorn marketing is offering the opportunity. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you!!!

Great Online Marketing course!

Walk away with the best and quickest steps to get started with your online marketing business. I look forward to attending the next Seminar to continue to grow my business.

What Matterhorn Marketing Teaches

IF you want to learn Online Marketing, Matterhorn Marketing is the place to learn! Joe Delfgauw teaches as Joey Matterhorn to explain how Search Engine Results work! He also teaches Facebook Marketing, Paid Search,

Great Seminars!!!

The seminars are great! I learned a lot of useful information for online marketing. I will def be attending the next one.

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