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Joey Matterhorn is the mastermind and online speaker behind Matterhorn Marketing. Joey is one of the top 12 internet marketers in the world.


Advice you can LIVE on!

The information that Joey has is worth more than I made last year! Every time I go to one of his seminars, or glean a new piece of knowledge, it is like getting a raise! Thank you, Joey!!

Knows his stuff!

It's worth your time to give this guy a listen next time he has a seminar!


Learned a lot about marketing!
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So Informative!

The free seminars that he provides are amazing! I have learned so much and I plan to continue going as long as they are offered!

Marketing Guru

Come prepared to take notes about Online Marketing strategies from one of the BEST in the business. Get your business up and running in no time with a little investment in attending these seminars. You wont regret it!

Man I am handsome!!!! Lol

Joe Delfgauw here. I created the name Joey Matterhorn to show you how quickly you can change your search engine results. In three days we completely dominated the front page of Google with her YouTube channel, our Facebook pages, our reviews, our LinkedIn pages, and much more. We can show you how to do this easily as well
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Matterhorn Online Marketing Meetups

Matterhorn - and in-particular Joe - is a great tour-de-for comprehensive series of all aspects of digital marketing to really drive your businesses’ digital footprint forward. I cannot recommend the seminars enough for their quality takeaways and great feasible steps which you may apply immediately to ramp-up your business goals. Joe is a great knowledgeable influencer as well. Be sure to have you-and-your-teams attend the next session and RSVP today.


Joey Matterhorn had some of the best FREE info i have ever heard! He is a BEAST with internet marketing! Take all the knowledge you can from him!