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it does what it says

makes sending mass sms a breeze.

Best by far

I've tried about 5 different texting software's before I landed on this perfect platform. Love it!.

Text-calibur for the win!

Best SMS software I’ve found. Great for the beginner and experienced marketer. Features continue to be added. :)

The best out there...

text-calibur is not only the best high volume dms software, but it's also the best priced. I've 3 x my ROI since I started using Text-calibur. Combine that with its robust features, and you have a clear winner for mass SMSing.
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Great software

This software breaks down tracking to give you the best results on all of your traffic! Take a look for yourself here http://text-calibur.com/

Best SMS Software on the Internet

This software does everything you need! Track clicks, responders, sends email, asends follow up messages and so much more! Check it out for yourself and it's only $50 to start! http://text-calibur.com