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People who are looking for Rent to Own Home in Grand Rapids Michigan, to Look no further Than the following Housing Programs.

1.) , for those of you looking for a rent to own home and get your credit fixed while in your in that home and then apply for a Home Loan and the end of your lease, Look No further! Sign Up Here!

2.) , for those of you looking to buy a home with 0% down and Bad credit look no further than The Hope Program we will fix your credit. The hope program will help fix your credit by removing your bad credit and add new credit and educate you on the local lender and real estate process. for more info go to and for a fully comprehensive review for the two above programs and additional rent to own home programs in your area please go to



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The reviews on the site helped me make important decisions when I was looking for a house. Make sure to get all info before getting into a house.
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