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Blush Boudoir is West Michigan's elite and private photography studio. Blush Boudoir was created to help portray the amazing beauty that every woman posesses. Our mission is to empower women and their unique beauty through the lens of our camera. We offer exceptional and personal time along with professional pampering. We pride ourselves in creating a personal and luxurious expereince with memories that will last a lifetime. There are five different collections to choose from. 

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Very optimistic business partner and prior client :)

When I met Jennifer Delfgauw and was officially introduced to Blush Boudoir, I was nervous. She was a friend of a friend who was launching her very own photography business and I was coming to her as her very first "model." Now, Boudoir shoots in west Michigan are usually found to be very racy, a little trashy and the shoots themselves are always uncomfortable due to the environment and the photographer. Knowing that the photographer for this shoot was a female was the only reason I was willing to be a subject. The moment I walked through the door, Jen greeted me. She was smiling and the most bubbly, bright and positive person I have probably ever met! Leaving the shoot, I was HOOKED. The entire experience from my professional hair and make up to the photos I received from her the next day was absolutely amazing. For a very new person to the photography industry, Jen proved to be a natural. She inspired and empowered me, she reminded me of how beautiful I feel all dolled up, she provided me with an amazing experience that my husband and I will cherish forever! Now, as her assistant to her fast growing business, to any future clients out there, Jen is constantly upping her game. She is constantly reading, taking classes and educating herself on the current trends, posing techniques, editing, photography... the list goes on and on. She is hungry for knowledge that will help Blush Boudoir succeed and she is SO dedicated to making you all feel your very best. Your experience with Blush Boudoir will be nothing short of a dream, and I can guarantee you will leave feeling even stronger and more outstanding than you entered the studio feeling. Okay my rant is over, I mean it when I say that Blush Boudoir is one of the best things that could happen to women of all ages, this is what we all needed to be reminded of what is within!

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