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Its inception going as far back as 2003. Rooted deeply in the verticals of real estate, credit, business, finance, legal, and ID theft protection. Xanadu Marketing brings to the industry a comprehensive experience of affiliate marketing, digital advertising, and lead generation that is all-encompassing and exceptional at its core. We are not simply a publisher. We are not just a network, and advertising agency. We do everything in house, customized, and with outstanding results being our ultimate goal. Our main advantage in the market of online advertising is that we actually own our own unique high-paying offers. We run external offers as well for maximum payouts and profits. Registration is simple. We only have three questions for you: What kind of offers are you looking for? What kind of offers do you have? How can we work with you in the best way possible for your needs? We believe every partnership should be a win for both parties. We are excited to start working with you.


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xanadu Marketing...Tamika Kendriks

I have been with this company for about 3 years now I think. Tamika has been with me most all the way. She is pure gold! Her patience is amazing. She is so positive and uplifting all the time! I truly think of her as a friend rather than coach. It is only my own fears stopping me from being in a home of my own. Tamika assures me constantly and I am ready to finally step out and grab it. Thank you Tamika for being there along this journey!
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Tamika Kendricks

My Experience with Tamika Kendrick’s for the homebuyers program was wonderful, She will help her clients and go Beyond To reach the expectation. she has been very friendly and kind and generous to me thank you for helping me.
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Tamika Kendricks

Tamika has been assisting me in the homebuyer process. She has been a tremendous help every step of the way......especially when I sometimes feel overwhelmed. She is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!!
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Tamika Kendrick's

I my self bin with this program for 5 years or better and Tamika Kendrick's is the best representative we have ever had because of her I am in the final process of purchasing My home and I appreciate all she has done anyone who gets her is in good hands for as I am concerned